Place-n-Time Beta Download

Place-n-Time allows you to view map data that has been made available on the Internet from the United States Geological Survey (USGS) for free download in the Spatial Data Transfer Standard (SDTS) format. It also allows you to view maps created by users of other Dapper Mapper products. To learn more about Place-n-Time, see Place-n-Time Product Description.

For details on what is possible, please see the Place-n-Time User Guide.

While you do not need to register to download Place-n-Time, we are naturally curious about who is using it and what Linux distributions it is running on. If you'd care to e-mail us we'd be glad to hear from you.

Should you encounter any problems, support is found at

The beta package comes with sample data files to allow you to try out Place-n-Time. Once you have learned how to use it you will probably want data files covering other parts of the country. To find where to download data, see

Installing Place-n-Time

Standard Method

  1. Download placentime_view-0.03-0.tar.gz (for Linux, 8.23 MiB)
  2. Unpack the package with the following command:

    tar -xzf placentime_view-0.03-0.tar.gz

    This will create a subdirectory named placentime_view-0.03/.

  3. Go to that directory and read installation.txt for complete installation instructions.

Alternative Method (for use with a layered filesystem)

If your distro uses a layered filesystem and has the ability to overlay .sfs (SquashFS) files, you may use the standard method above, or you may choose to skip the installation procedure and simply load the .sfs version of the Place-n-Time package:

  1. Download placentime_view-0.03-1.sfs (for Linux, 7.94 MiB)
  2. Use the utility supplied with your distro to load the .sfs file.

Place-n-Time is only available for Linux. It is currently undergoing beta testing in hopes of uncovering any remaining bugs or incompatibilities. There are hundreds of Linux distributions, and Place-n-Time hasn't yet been tried on most of them, so there are no guarantees that it is fully compatible with yours. By trying it out and giving us feedback, you will help Dapper Mapper make it so.

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Place-n-Time Beta Download