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Place-n-Time is a viewer that runs in the X Window System and displays maps using freely available DLG-3 data from the United States Geological Survey in the SDTS1 format.  It also allows you to display overlay maps which were created with other Dapper Mapper products.

Sample Screen
Sample Screen


Who is it for?

Place-n-Time is aimed at users who enjoy working with topographic maps: hikers, canoeists, bicyclists, historians, or anyone else who wants to look closely at a small corner of the planet.  It is also the right application for anyone who wants to view maps created with other Dapper Mapper applications, but doesn't need the ability to edit or create maps.

Who is it not for?

Place-n-Time is not for people who just want to find Elm Street.  In fact, if you need to find Elm Street, this is not the product for you: the supported SDTS files do not contain street names; keep looking, many street atlases are available on the Web.

The supported SDTS files cover the United States, so if your area of interest is elsewhere on the planet, this is not the product for you.

What does it do?

Place-n-Time displays any of the the thousands of topographic maps that are freely available from the U.S. Geological survey as Digital Line Graphs (DLG-3) in the SDTS format.  Also, using those maps as a base, you may open overlay maps which were created by users of other Dapper Mapper applications.  You may select what you see in these overlay maps by adjusting a user variable (such as a date).

Supported products:

Supported themes:

Supported projections:

For additional details see Place-n-Time Features, or browse through the Place-n-Time User Guide.

What does it not do?

Place-n-Time is a viewer only.  To create, edit, print, and export overlay maps you will need another Dapper Mapper product such as XViewSDTS.

  1. SDTS, the Spatial Data Transfer Standard, was developed by the federal government, and is a common format for map files from various federal agencies, including the U. S. Geological Survey (USGS).


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