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Main Window


The File menu contains items for opening overlay files. It also has items relating to the loading of SDTS base surfaces, such as defining what themes are included, what coordinate system will be used, and how the files are searched for. And, of course, it has the all-important Exit item.

The View menu contains items which affect what you see as you work with the base and overlay maps.

(Note: A third menu, the right-button menu, is available by pressing the right pointer button when in the Work window.)

Scale Box

The Scale box shows a scale graphic, which will change as you zoom to different levels. This graphic is shown only with linear coordinate systems.

Work Window

The Work window is the place where the base SDTS map for the area you have chosen and any overlay maps you have opened of the same area are displayed.

Coordinate Box

The Coordinate box shows the current location of your pointer on the map surface. You may choose the type of coordinates shown: geographic coordinates (latitude and longitude), units of the map's coordinate system (northing and easting), or both.

Location Box

The Location box shows the civil place in which your pointer lies: Township, County, and State. Not all map surfaces contain all of this information for all areas. If you don't load the boundary theme, none of this information will be available.

Status Box

The Status box, at the very bottom of the main window, will provide a variety of information for various operations. For instance, it will tell you the current status of certain long operations (like loading large data files), and show the length of the line you are pointing at.

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