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The File Searching window let's you instruct Place-n-Time to use lookup files (1) when searching for SDTS files, or to search through the directory tree.

File Searching pop-up


When loading files a search is made for files covering the requested latitude and longitude.  One of two search methods is used.  All SDTS files may be searched, or a file containing a lookup table may be consulted to determine which individual directories may contain files covering the requested coordinates; then only files in those directories are searched.

Your choices are:

    Use lookup files (1).

Using lookup files will be faster if you have many SDTS files.  However, if you have added new SDTS files since you last updated the lookup files, those files may not be found.
    Search all SDTS files.
Searching all SDTS files will ensure that all files will be found, so it is handy to choose this if you have just added new files but have not yet updated your lookup files.  However, searching all your files will take more time.

1 To create lookup files, see Creating Lookup Files.

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