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The File Themes window lets you choose which themes to load for each map series.

Themes pop-up


Each surface is made up of its various themes: Boundaries, Hydrography, Roads & Trails, etc.  Here you choose which themes are to be loaded.  You may select any or all of the themes.  (You could even select none of the themes, but doing so wouldn't be particularly useful.)

You may select different themes to be loaded for each map series:

    1:24,000    (large scale)
    1:100,000   (intermediate scale)
    1:2,000,000 (small scale)

The usual reason you might not want to load all themes for every map series is that loading does take some time.  If you are not interested in a certain theme, you can save a bit of loading time by skipping it.  For instance, some intermediate scale surfaces for urban areas contain a very large number of roads.  If you are only interested in the hydrography, or are using the intermediate surface only to locate a large scale surface, you may opt to skip the loading of Roads & Trails.

Note that if you just want to turn off one or more themes temporarily to reduce clutter and make the remaining themes easier to see, it is quicker to use the View Menu to turn themes (or select pieces of themes) off and on, rather than changing the theme loading selections and reloading the surface.

Remember, the File Themes window allows you to select which themes get loaded into memory, while the Spatial Features item in the View Menu lets you select which themes to view.  You can load themes without viewing them, but you cannot view themes that haven't been loaded into memory.

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