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menuPoint to the View button and press the left mouse button to bring up the View Menu.  From the menu you will be able to select various operations that affect what will and what will not be displayed.

Click on the links below for details:

Spatial Features

Selecting Spatial Features will bring up a cascading menu where you may open a dialog to select the types of boundaries, water features, roads & trails, ralroads, or other transportaion features to include on the base map.


Selecting GNIS will bring up a series of windows which allow you to search the Geographic Names Information System for specific features, which may be selected by location, type and name.  When found, the appropriate surface may then be automatically loaded into the display window.


Selecting Variables will bring up a window where you may change the value of a user variable (e.g., a date), causing the map to be redrawn using the new value.


Selecting Options allows you change various options affecting the way in which things are displayed:


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