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View Surface ID displays a description of the SDTS transfer for each theme in the selected surface of the current map series.

View Surface ID pop-up

Name of digital cartographic unit (usually, the name of source map followed by the State 2-character designator(s) ) with the name of theme appended. 1

Map Date
Revision date of the source map from which the data was obtained.  (If there was no revision date, date of the original source material is used.) 1

Data Set Creation Date
Date that the SDTS transfer was created from the DLG-3 file. 1

You may select one of the themes and click Details to see additional information such as the versions of the SDTS standard and profile used.

Note that it is not unusual to see three entries for Transportation.  There is one each for the Roads & Trails, Railroads, and Miscellaneous Transportation themes.

Tip:  Like all right-button menu items, the results depend on where the pointer was when you brought up the right-button menu.  In this case the information shown describes the surface for the pointer coordinates at the time of clicking.  Be careful that you don't assume that because you only have one surface loaded you can click anywhere, for if you click outside of the area of the displayed surface you will bring up the description for another surface, which may not have been your intention.

1 Here are some definitions of the fields from SDTS documents:
DLG-3 SDTS Transfer Description Spatial Data Transfer Standard (SDTS) - Part 1, Logical Specifications
Title Name of digital cartographic unit (concatenation of name of digital cartographic unit and category name) An overall title or name applied to all data content of the data transfer.
Map Date Date of original source material or revision date, whichever is later A date specifying the temporal extent of the data. This date must apply to the actual real-world information represented by the data, and not to data collection or any other processing history.
Data Set Creation Date Date from computer system's clock [generated when SDTS transfer is created] A date specifying when the data were created (a processing history date "stamp" on the data set rather than on the information represented).

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